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Multifamily Property Owners

Save big when you replace old equipment and upgrade your building’s energy and water efficiency.

BayREN offers generous rebates and no-cost technical assistance that allow you to:

  • Improve your building’s health, comfort and resilience
  • Comply with energy code standards
  • Replace outdated equipment with the latest, most efficient technology
  • Reduce maintenance costs and slash utility bills
  • Reduce energy and water use
  • Make your buildings safer, cleaner and greener

Our expert advisors provide no-cost consulting to help you determine which upgrades make the most sense to maximize your savings and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Building Improvements

Earn major cash rebates when you complete building upgrades designed to save 10% or more of your building’s energy usage.

Water Efficiency Upgrades

Save money, water and energy ― with water efficiency upgrades for little-to-no upfront cost.

Case Studies

See how Bay Area property owners are improving their properties, slashing utility bills and increasing quality of life with energy- and water-efficient building upgrades.